Capital Compass® will pose a series of multiple-choice questions, which will take five to 10 minutes to answer. As you submit each answer, three dials—representing debt, royalty and equity—will display what your responses so far may indicate about your potential suitability for each of those three types of financing. At any time, you may change your answers, and even click back to previous pages, to see how those changes move the dials.

How long have you operated your business?
How much money do you need?
What is your primary purpose for raising capital?
What is the status of your business's profitability?
What is your gross profit margin?
What do you anticipate for revenue growth?
How many months in advance can you accurately project your orders?
Which of the following relationships is acceptable to you?
What best describes your business intentions?
Are there significant barriers (such as patents, licenses, regulations, etc.) that would make it difficult for new businesses to compete with you?
How would you describe the marketplace in which you compete?
Is every individual with greater than 20% ownership willing to provide a personal guarantee to secure repayment?
How would you rate your personal credit?
What type of collateral do you have to secure the funds you are looking to acquire? You can select more than one, but don't include collateral that is already pledged elsewhere.

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