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We focus on Opportunity. For all.
We believe in the power of regular people to transform their lives if given the opportunity and the tools to do so. That's why we exist. That's what we do.

CDFIs finance justice
With deep roots in the civil rights movement, CDFIs including the NH Community Loan Fund have fought for justice for decades. "With one loan ..." we change lives. Believe it.

Opportunity NH Investments
Investments in the New Hampshire Community Loan Fund pay fixed-rate interest and supply the funds we lend into communities statewide.

We're problem-solvers
Collaboration, creativity, and flexibility are at the center of everything we do.

Building a strong future
Investments in quality early education programs, and making them available to all working parents are core community development building blocks.

"What are your losses?" "Zero."
George McCarthy explains why the Ford Foundation invested in the Community Loan Fund.

A successful lender
George McCarthy says the Community Loan Fund's lending programs succeed because: "They know who they're lending to, they know what they're lending to and they're also willing to be sure they're prepared to be borrowers."

Solving problems
George McCarthy on how the Community Loan Fund saw a need, applied innovation and skill to solve the problem, and created an industry-changing strategy.

"Global talent"
"The Community Loan Fund put manufactured housing on the map in the affordable housing world," says George (Mac) McCarthy, then with the Ford Foundation. "This is local talent that is global talent ... "

2009 NEXT Award
Presenting the New Hampshire Community Loan Fund, recipient of the NEXT Award for Opportunity Finance

NEXT award speech
N.H. Community Loan Fund President Juliana Eades accepts the 2009 NEXT Award for Opportunity Finance.

Opportunity. For all.
CDFIs see the world differently. Where others see risk, we see opportunity. And we believe in opportunity. For all.

resident-owned communities

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Helping to revitalize a neighborhood
Affordable housing is nearly impossible to find on New Hampshire's seacoast. The NH Community Loan Fund is raising grants and donations to help preserve Woodbury Cooperative, a neighborhood in Portsmouth, NH and add much-needed workforce housing.

Infill training series
Empty lots cost resident-owned communities (ROCs) thousands of dollars each year. Why not get going now on a plan to fill yours? Our video series takes you through what needs to be done.

Co-ops are good for communities
A planning director lists the ways cities and towns benefit from the presence of resident-owned manufactured-home communities.

Co-op work is rewarding
A ROC president calls leading a community challenging and satisfying. One key is making sure all members have a voice.

'Boot Camp' for new co-op boards
Board members and leaders of newly converted ROCs learn when they need to know at ROC-NH's "boot camps."

Preserving affordable housing
Why manufactured housing, the most-affordable housing option in many communities, needs to be preserved.

Nowhere to go
The owner of a manufactured-home park in Hooksett, N.H., closed the park and evicted the residents, some of whom were elders and had nowhere else to go.

Co-op members run the business
Cooperative ownership puts residents in charge of a multi-million-dollar business--their community.

Pride, safety, control
Members of manufactured-home cooperatives describe numerous benefits of resident ownership of their communities.

The first 100
The story of New Hampshire's first 100 resident-owned manufactured-home communities (ROCs)

A home you take pride in
Manufactured homes aren't trailers, and they're not mobile. Homeowners take much pride in their houses and their communities

Co-ops add value to communities
A planning director lists the ways cities and towns benefit from the presence of resident-owned manufactured-home communities.

Getting beyond the 'us-them'
Although people living in manufactured housing often deal with stigma, the reality is we all started somewhere.

They'll tell you to live here
When homeowners and residents take pride in their community, public perception changes.

business finance

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Saving a business, and a home
Meet Jessi Ryan, one of our Minority-Owned Business Lending borrowers. Our loan helped Jessi continue to build his Newport, N.H. business, In The Forest of Time Vintage Memories, as well as create a home for himself.

Technical assistance helps business owners succeed
Mola Foods owner Jeannette Bryant needed assistance with marketing, sales, and organizing her financial reporting to take her business to the next level. The NH Community Loan Fund's business finance team gave her the training — and the encouragement — she needed.

Revenue-based financing
John Hamilton, formerly of our Vested for Growth program, and Janice St. Onge of the Flexible Capital Fund discuss revenue-based (or royalty) financing as an option for growth businesses. Their April 8, 2020 discussion was hosted by the Northern New England Women's Investor Network.

The capital gap
Our Vested for Growth program serves NH-based businesses whose needs aren't being met by bank loans or equity investments.

New ideas for family business
The owners of Polly's Pancake Parlor in Sugar Hill, N.H., worked with a business coach, then expanded the restaurant's business and hours.

Cooperative fishery nets success
Business coaching gave NH Community Seafood what it needed to expand in its second year.

Recipe for success
Throwback Brewery serves food and beer made with mostly local ingredients on a historic farm in North Hampton.

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