Success stories

“I liked the way it felt when I walked in the door.” Donna Meuse, a full-time working mom, needed child care for her 6-week-old daughter, Jessica. Immediately, the Kingston Children’s Center felt... more»
A lot of people want to maximize their financial returns from their retirement investments. Abigail Easterly and Scott Silberfeld want to maximize their happiness. A few years ago the Manchester... more»
Chris Sullivan needed a new start. His once-stable maintenance job was cut from full time to about 30 hours a week. A long-term relationship was ending. At age 36, the lifelong Mount Washington... more»
It was called “monumental,” “pioneering,” and “the most important affordable housing project in New England.” Twin Pines executive director Andrew Winter says the Community Loan Fund was... more»
Derek Cornell and Kim Kirk have four children at home, ages 2 to 16. They know patience. They each hold down two jobs and serve on the board of directors of Colebrook Homeowners Cooperative. They... more»
Kathy Scanlon outside of her manufactured home in Mountain View Cooperative in Gilford. Their retirement years were rolling out as Mike and Kathy Scanlon had wanted: A comfortable home on a lake in... more»
Teenagers are better known for their spending habits than for their saving habits. Jonathan Ginsberg was different. He was saving for a house when he was a freshman in high school. The American Dream... more»
If Mary and Bruce Robie’s manufactured home was a boat, they’d have been on a life raft long ago. They knew about the drafty windows and the heating ducts that drew cold air in. They knew the floor... more»
What Thomas Jefferson, John Adams and Philadelphia are to the birth of the United States, Bob Sirles, Rebecca Storey and the Meredith Center Cooperative are to New Hampshire’s resident-owned... more»
From the start, it has been an uphill struggle for Sandy Ridge Estates Cooperative. In 2003, the 35 families in Pine River Mobile Home Park were nearly homeless. After trying for years to get its... more»