Community Partner forms

Community Partners can use the following links to access up-to-date forms and other materials for the NH IDA program.

These materials are intended to be used by NH IDA Community Partners only.  Potential IDA applicants should call (800) 432-4110 for assistance and existing participants should contact their Community Partner before completing any program forms.

Brochure and income guidelines

Participant eligibility

Forms and instructions Community Partners need to prequalify potential IDA applicants based on income and net worth.

Application and Enrollment

NH IDA application forms and instructions - includes a complete Application Package, the Savings Plan and Participation Agreement, Asset Plan and Accelerated Savings Form.

Participant training

Forms and materials Community Partners need to plan for and document an IDA participant’s training activities. Includes the Education Plan form for post-secondary education savers.

Housekeeping documents

Forms Community Partners need to process lump-sum deposits or changes in status for IDA participants. Leave of absence, change in asset goal, transfer to a new Community Partner, accelerated savings and tax refund deposit forms can all be found here.

Withdrawal processing and graduation

Forms Community Partners need to process withdrawals from IDA accounts for eligible asset purchases, emergencies or terminations and to document graduations from the program.

A-Z list of all IDA forms

All NH IDA forms and materials listed in alphabetical order.