Financing and training to match your business needs

Teamwork at Image4 in Manchester.

Our Business Finance team works hard to get to know our borrowers. We then apply our creativity and experience to get to “yes” on hard-to-get-done deals, and to find the right type of financing to help our borrowers succeed.

Inquire now button Our risk-tolerant financing ranges from $1,000 to $1 million. The business must be based in New Hampshire, have produced revenue from each of the preceding 12 months, and have filed a tax return.

We will supply financing to businesses, including those considered too small or too risky for other lenders, for the following purposes:

  • Purchase of equipment or other fixed assets
  • Acquisition of a business
  • Marketing capital
  • New-product development
  • Inventory expansion
  • Acquisition of, or improvements to, land or buildings for use by the applicant's business
  • Other business uses, considered on a case-by-case basis

Loan-approval speed depends largely on the completeness of your application and your responsiveness to our questions. Our goals are:

For a free consultation about your capital needs, please click the Inquire now button above. We'll be back in touch with you within two working days.